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Carbon offset your cremation!


Thanks to the good people at Carbon4Good, we are now able to offset the emissions from each cremation and so are further along the sustainability road! They have calculated several factors for each cremation, including use of the car to transport the coffin, the coffin itself and the energy used by the cremator. We will be able to have two trees planted for each cremation, starting this week. This offset will add a cost of $10 to each cremation. We are very excited about this development, as we move closer and closer to becoming a fully sustainable funeral compamy. We hope that other funeral companies follow our lead.

Consumption Tonnes CO2 Produced Explanation
Natural Gas 3.6GJ 0.194 1000kWh
= 3.6GJ and
3.6GJ of Natural Gas = 0.194
tonnes CO2  (ACE
Casket 0.025 kg of 0.031 MFE
emission factor for wood burned by industry is
wood 1.26 per kg so, 0.025 wood
makes 0.031 tonnes CO2
Human Remains 14kg of carbon 0.051324 In an 80 kg person, 14kg of
that is carbon.
Out of 80 kg Every 1000kg of carbon
converts to 3666kg of CO2.
Per person 1000kgC/3666kgCO2=14kgC/X
X= 51.324 kgCO2,  51.324kgCO2=.0051324tonnesCO2
Transport 1.776litres of 0.00355 16km/100km= .16,  11.1 litres*.16=1.776 litres,
petrol 1 litre
of petrol produces 0.002 tonnes of CO2.
0.00355tonnes of CO2.
Total 0.28 Sum of Nat. Gas, Casket,
Human Remains and Transport
Trees to plant 2 Number of CO2 in tonnes
divided by .15