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A beautifully written letter received from a loved one

To all of you dear ladies at State of Grace,

I want to say thank you. But thank you isn’t nearly enough of a word to express my gratitude towards you.

From that first phone call I knew that you would look after us, and our beautiful Sue. When you came in and said that Sue’s was a ‘good death’ the comfort you gave me in┬áthose words was enormous. I nursed Sue at home until she died, with a visit from a nurse at Mercy Hospice each day. I hoped that what I did made her final days as comfortable as possible and you reassured me of that.

The conversation the boys and I had later with Deborah encouraged us to run the funeral our way. In particular it was meaningful to us not to have a crowd around as when we buried Sue.

I had always observed funeral directors as people who quietly “oiled the machinery” and generally made the right things happen. I now know that you do so much more.

We immediately felt that each one of you was our friend. After Sue died the only thing I felt I could do for her was to give her a memorable funeral. You enabled me to do that.

A thousand thank you’s are not enough to express my gratitude to you.

With love,