Professional Service Fee:

Our general professional service fee is $2,895. However, we recognise that individual family needs differ and this fee may be adjusted to reflect the time required to meet your specific requirements.

Includes detailed funeral options, dressing, use of necessary equipment, attending to all necessary paperwork etc. There may be an additional charge for after hours, weekend or holiday service.

Transfer Fee:

$300 – There will be an additional $200 charge for any transfers after 6pm and could also be an additional charge for transfers outside of the Auckland area (more than 25km from the State of Grace branch).


Average $800. We do offer this service when necessary and we use the services of Auckland Mortuary Services.

Cool Room:

$80 per night


From $500.00 for a liner.

We have an extensive range of locally produced natural caskets and shrouds, along with conventional caskets – see our casket page.

Doctors Fee:

From $80 and could be up to $300

Medical Referee:

$55.00Necessary for cremation only.

Death Certificate:


Cremation Fee:

From $650.00Varies from each Crematorium.

Burial Fee:

Varies considerably from each Cemetery.


Family are welcome to come and sit with their loved one at our premises.

For a full funeral, the first viewing is included in the professional services fee.  There may be a $200 per hour fee for additional viewings.  Please discuss this with your funeral director.


Newspaper Notice:

Average notice is $150.00

Hearse Hire:



From $150 (for a casket bar of flowers from $200)

Chapel Hire:

From $250.00We also encourage use of a wide range of community facilites for the service, including Boating Clubs, Community Halls, RSA etc.


From $250.00


From $150.00


From: $500.00We have a trusted group of celebrants who have trained with the Celebrant training school. We endeavour to match each family with the most appropriate person for them, so please chat to us about this.