Direct Cremation

At State of Grace we understand that when someone close to you has died you feel compelled to provide a funeral. We also know that a funeral is often a very stressful experience for families to deal with, aside from the pain of losing someone they love.

It is not necessary to have an expensive funeral – choosing a more affordable option of a direct cremation is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including:

  • Significantly more affordable
  • Eliminates time pressures
  • Environmentally friendly (use of less resources)
  • Gives the option of organising a meaningful Memorial Service with the ashes at a later date.


We transfer the deceased person to our premises where we can wash them and dress them in the clothes that you have chosen.  We attend to all the necessary paperwork and when this is completed we place them in a simple casket, and take them for cremation.  When the ashes are ready for us to collect, we will return them to you within the Auckland region.

This is at a total cost of $3,735 (inclusive of GST) plus the cost of the Doctor’s fee which can vary from $80 and could be up to or over $300.  There are extra charges for viewings, mileage over 50kms, after hours, public holidays, Sundays and any additional nights in our cool room.