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Suggestions of support/interest groups?

Posted March 30, 2012 by in Uncategorized with one comment

We have had a few phone calls here at State of Grace that have promoted me to take action of behalf of our families who are left feeling that they now have too much time on their hands since their husband/wife/partner has died. It is tough facing a future alone, and in the last week I have spoken to three of our families who have someone needing a bit of help with how to fill their day.

We would welcome suggestions of interesting groups/ organisations and fulfilling things for people to put their energy into. Some of our families have joined choirs, bowls, CAB,  and we would love to know what other meaningful and satisfying opportunities there are out there for us to pass on.

So – if you know of any groups requiring volunteers, or any other helpful suggestions – please let us know.

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  • Melinda

    What a great idea this is….perhaps you could suggest people look into their local branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (they help people research their family trees and heritage) – If you’ve ever watched those programs on TV called ‘Who do you think you are’ you’ll have some idea of what genealogists do.

    For me personally, after the death of my both my parents within a year of each other, I found that finding this group and their passion for family and those who have gone before us was a great comfort and in the end was quite inspiring…leading to a life changing trip to Ireland, organising a 175 people strong family reunion and printing a book.

    Most NZSG branches have a monthly meeting and they’re always keen to have new members. There is an amazing research room in Panmure and the Auckland City Library also has a fantastic research room – both have very helpful staff and volunteers who will encourage you as you get started. People could try contacting http://www.genealogy.org.nz to find out where the closest branch is too them.

    I went from not even knowing what a Genealogist was and knowing very little about my family history, to meeting and maintaining friendships with other genealogists and distant relatives….but be warned, this hobby can and often does become completely addictive and can fill long, lonely days very quickly.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards

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