Traditional Range

Heritage Rimu

Wood veneer with oil finish
Manufacturer: Western Caskets

$1,700 (includes GST)

Available in larger sizes
Matching urn $230

Pure & Simple

Ecoply with handles
Size up to XXOS

Manufacturer: Return to Sender

From $700 (includes GST)

Designed for cremation.

Solid NZ Pine, Water-based satin finish and stain

Manufacturer: Return To Sender

$1,400 (includes GST)

All available up to XXL (Rimu in XXOS) Additional $80-$200
Matching urn $230

Kowhai - Rimu

Kowhai - Rosewood

Kowhai - Hickory

Kowhai - White

Kowhai - Whitewash

Wood Grained MDF, High Gloss Finish

Manufacturer: Western Caskets

$1,300 (includes GST)

All available in larger sizes – Additional $60-$180
Matching urn $150

Richmond: White

Richmond: Rosewood

Richmond: Hickory

Richmond: Velvet Cherry

Richmond: Mahogany

Richmond: Rimu