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And another lovely song…..

Posted May 9, 2013 by in News

You may be forgiven for thinking that we sit about steeped in sadness here at State of Grace, but really we don’t! Mainly we are in a state of deep gratitude – not just for the fact that we are alive and well, but for the fact that families are so trusting, allow us into their lives at such a sad and difficult time, are so courageous,so generous, allow us to get to know the person we are looking after by sharing their stories with us, cry and laugh freely – we are constantly amazed and humbled.

But on the rare occasion we do get into feeling sad, we do sometimes indulge ourselves in a little soulful music and this track by Lucinda Williams get us every time. Written for a friend of hers who committed suicide (which we deal with surprisingly frequently, and of late the suicides of people in their fifties and sixties…). Have a listen by clicking on the words at the top of the post.

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