Arm Bands

We thought it was time to revive a wonderful old tradition – the black arm band. While these are still worn by sports teams and the military, we have lost the custom of wearing them to honour our own dead while we are grieving.

They not only remind us of the person who has died and allow us to think of them for such a few seconds each time we do, they also let others know that we are grieving. This invites others to treat us with a little more kindness and compassion during this time. We encourage you to wear the arm band on the day of service and also for as many days after the service as you feel you need to.

They are sewn by our local ‘Days for Girls’ group.  This is a volunteer organisation who sew and distribute sustainable feminine hygiene kits to women and girls in developing countries who would otherwise be unable to go out or would miss school during their monthly periods.

Available in 3 sizes – The $8-10 charge per band pays the cost of the fabric and then we donate all the profit to the Days for Girls group .

Check out the Facebook page : Days For Girls Grey Lynn