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The wonderful McCafferty quilt

We had the privilege of caring for William McCafferty recently, and were struck but the beautiful quilt lying across his coffin. The family very kindly allowed me to come and take some pictures. The quilt was made by Veronica Hampton, one of the family, who has created a real heirloom The quilt travels around the country as a comforter, and whoever needs it uses it for as long as they need to. It has spent some time in Christchurch where some of the family suffered through the earthquake, various places prior to that, and accompanied Bill on his final days at home.




Miranda Brown Evening.

We held a small event/fundraiser last week,  showcasing the stunning fashion designs by Miranda Brown. Mirand worked with us to create our silk shroud, and has also applied some of the prints in her summer collection to beautiful new ‘Passing sheets” – pure cotton sheets to be palced around a body, with pockets above the heart to pop special messages/mementos into. They will be on the the website later this week and will cost $90.

The night here was just great – house was full of happy chatting women, eating lovely food and drinking wine, and strutting about in gorgeous clothes for each other to admire. Really recommend having a look at her website – www.mirandabrown.co.nz. All made locally, sustainably, and available online. Look out for further collaborations between us.